Boaters License

-Washington State has a law requiring all operators/drivers to have a boater’s education card, if you do not currently have one, we will provide you with a temporary form that is good for your time of rental. There is no additional charge for the form. 

Cancellation Policy

      (Excludes Bad Weather)

  • If you cancel before 1 week – no charge
  •  If we rent what you cancelled for any amount of time-no charge
  • If we are unable to rent what you cancelled- you will be charged 50% of rental price

     Please call 509.682.1515 for more information. 

Dog/Pet Policy

  -No dogs/pets are allowed on either our Bayliner or Cobalt boats, due to them being carpeted, as we have customers with certain health issues.  Pets are welcome on all other boats, however, there is a $20 mandatory fee.  The fee may be increased up to $100 if the boat requires any more then a normal cleaning.